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Welcome to our Bookkeeping Family!


We have made this process quick and easy for you so you can get back to your business. All you need to do is upload your documents in the box on the right and send them to us. 


You can scan your documents into your computer and then upload them or you can snap a photo of each document and upload them from your cell phone. Whichever way is easier for you - it's perfect for us!


Your privacy on the Internet is of utmost importance to Top Priority Bookkeeping & Taxes. Our privacy statement is available here and it describes our policy concerning the gathering and sharing of information through our web site. Your personal information is sent through a secure and multi-layered file sharing program to ensure that every document you send us is kept confidential.

Here is a general list of documents that we need to provide your bookkeeping services for your business.


  • Monthly sales - please break out the sales tax if you collect it

  • Invoices made to customers



  • Bills from suppliers

  • Credit card statements

  • Receipts for credit card purchases

  • Receipts for cash purchases (out-of-pocket expenses)



  • Bank statements with check images

  • Deposit slips

  • Statements of line of credit

  • Statements of bank loans

  • Statements of any asset loan you have (vehicle, equipment, etc.)


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