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This year we have simplified our system to make it easier for you and less time consuming! We know your time is precious and we don't want your tax preparation to interfere with other things you could be doing. And we definitely don't want you sitting in a tax office waiting around for hours while your return is being prepared.

We have made it easy! To start your Individual tax return, just click on the button below that says "Tax Organizer". You will answer simple and basic questions about all the events that have happened in your life.


Once we receive your organizer just upload your tax documents and send them to us in the box located on the right. You can scan your documents into your computer and then upload them or you can snap a photo of each document and upload them from your cell phone. Whichever way is easier for you - it's perfect for us!

If you don't know what tax documents you need to send us, we have created a guide for you right here.

If you are needing to file prior year tax returns, please click on the button that says "Prior Year Returns" and follow the rest of steps above.

After your return is completed, we will contact you and let you know so we can finalize it and submit it to the IRS for acceptance. It doesn't get much easier than this and you can go about your day as you please knowing that your tax return is being prepared by the most professional and experienced tax preparers around. 

Your privacy on the Internet is of utmost importance to Top Priority Bookkeeping & Taxes. Our privacy statement is available here and it describes our policy concerning the gathering and sharing of information through our web site. Your personal information is sent through a secure and multi-layered file sharing program to ensure that every document you send us is kept confidential.

If you have any questions or need help or if you need to file a Corporate, Partnership, Not-For-Profit, or Estate Tax Return, please call us at (936) 931-7555 or email us at

2016 Individual Tax Returns are DUE!

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